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Image by Augustine Wong



Malibu Makeover Treatment

The Malibu Makeover is a deep clarifying treatment that cleanses your hair of harsh impurities, minerals, and buildup on your hair. It creates a clean pallet for hair color to be applied. For those who do not have color treated hair, it will help with harsh water build up, swimmers hair, and will even restore natural shine, body and curl to your hair. In one session you can completely restore the health of your hair and get it in the best shape it's ever been in.

The first treatment is estimated around two hours, and it includes a blow dry. A treatment should be done at least once every six months to ensure ideal cleansing, and keep the follow-up processing times down to only 20 minutes.


Olaplex Treatments

Olaplex is a bond rebuilder for your hair that helps your hair stay strong from the inside out.  It insures no over processing or breakage with hair color, but it can also help with the health of your hair from thermal damage, and everyday wear and tear. When coloring and lightening hair, the possibility of damage is prevalent. However, we have Olaplex to act as hair insurance to make sure you're satisfied with your result and happy with the strength of your hair. Olaplex can be used when taking hair lighter to help lift their hair without worries. Although adding it to toners, glosses, and all over colors is just as effective.  You can also do a stand-alone treatment for a “deep conditioning”, which is a fabulous add on to ensure healthy, shiny hair in between haircuts or colors. It is a two-step process that will add on about 15-20 minutes to any service. As a stand alone treatment it will be about 1 hour with a blow dry.



Single lashes that adhere to your individual lash to deliver incredible, impactful and natural results.  These lashes last for the life span of the lash and are recommended to be maintained every 4-6 weeks.

  • Stage 1          $80

  • Stage 2           $120

  • Stage 3              $180

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